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I'm not an auntie,
I get it!

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Founding Story

Just a few short months ago, I was in your shoes. My parents said it was time for me to get married but the arranged marriage process as it is done today didn’t seem a perfect fit for me.


My parents had a cryptic but flawless description of me; as did all other parents - we’re golden in their eyes. By cryptic, I mean “She works at a multinational company” (but I’m a lot more exciting than that!) and by flawless, I mean “She’ll be your perfect daughter-in-law; and an added bonus, she cooks & sings!” (again, a little far from what’s important in an ideal life partner).  But, you and I know we aren’t perfect. We have personalities and hobbies that don’t always ‘fit’ everyone’s style.

What's different?


Specific criteria & filters

We offer a lot more criteria that you don’t typically find on a dating site. Do you want someone who speaks Tamil, was brought up in the US, prefers to live in a nuclear family and wants to start a family soon? No, that's not too much to ask.


Authentic version of you

We find that in many traditional matrimony profiles, there is often a disconnect between appearance and reality. While our parents & family have our best interest at heart, only we truly know ourselves to the fullest extent - and the team believes your partner should hear your version of you.


Your preferences are private

What you share with us will stay confidential, except for some basic information. Mom won't know that you're a social drinker unless you already told her! Let's keep dating organic while still checking for long term compatibility.



Choice paralysis is real and swiping is exhausting, we hear you! You get a curated match from our database directly sent to your inbox periodically. Dating couldn't get more simpler.

How does this work?

Every few days, you will receive a match via a personalized introduction email. If both people express interest in connecting, you will receive the contact details of your match.

Simple? Very much.

Our Services


One free curated match every 3 weeks sent to both users simultaneously. 


Faster Matches

Exclusive Preview

Control Over Timing

Personalized Communication

Expert Filter Tweaking

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