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Our classic matching service is completely free of cost. A new personalized match every 3 weeks directly to your inbox. If there's mutual interest, you get their contact details in a follow-up email. If not, let us know that you are not interested and wait for the next one!

Onboarding Services

Pink Marble


Perfect Profile

  • We’ll select a great photo or help you capture one that represents your best self. Good looks make for a great first impression.

  • We'll draft a bio for you based on your submitted profile and a 30 min call. After reviewing 100+ profiles, we know what makes people special.

  • Iterate for a month based on match feedback is included!


Premium Onboarding

Typically, our onboarding process could take upto 2 weeks and we send you a new matches every 21 days. As a one time offer to get you setup faster, try our premium onboarding to get 2 matches within 48 hours of signing up!

Subscription Services

Pink Marble



A new personalized match

every week.


Match Guarantee: If you don't receive a match every week, enjoy an extended premium offering until you receive the promised four matches.



Speedy features included.

Exclusive Preview: You can see the match first before it's sent to the other person. If you decide not to pursue the match, they never see your profile!

Control Over Timing:  If you are engaged elsewhere, we'll hold off sending matches until you're ready.

Personalized Communication: Send one personalized note per match independent of their response, fostering the possibility of reconsideration. 

Expert Filter Tweaking: Receive tips to refine your filters for optimal match results. Discover "almost ideal" connections that may have been overlooked through conventional matching methods.


Headstart Plus

Headstart features included.


We will offer you a mutual match guarantee of at least 2 matches during the month. For pricing, please reach out to us via email. It will vary depending on the strength of your profile, the number of preferences you set and the team's insights on your specific requirements.

Are you ready to invest in your #SeriousPyaar?

Send us an email today!

For any 3-month plan, you get 10% off.

For any 6-month plan, you get 20% off.

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