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  • I filled out the waitlist form but I haven’t heard back. What should I do?
    We are onboarding people in waves so if you filled the waitlist form on the website, all you have to do is wait :) If you’re really eager to join but we didn’t send you an invite yet, we give preference to people who refer their friends. So reach us via email at and refer your friends!
  • I filled the full form and am ready to receive matches? When do I get my first match?
    Typically, our onboarding process could take up to 2 weeks. As a one time offer to get you setup faster, try our premium onboarding to get 2 matches within 48 hours of signing up!
  • How often do we receive matches subsequently?
    Matches are sent out every 21 days. This doesn’t mean however that you will get a match every 21 days because it's possible that no one matches your preferences. If you didn’t get a match in a while, feel free to reach out to us and ask us why! Maybe we can help you loosen the right filters. Or you could sign up for our premium packages.
  • I’m a parent and I stumbled upon this website. How can I utilize this for my son / daughter?
    Please ask your son / daughter to fill out the sign up form by themselves. Someone from the team will reach out to them for basic verification of details and provide the full form to them if they meet our eligibility criteria which is constantly evolving.
  • What constitutes a good photo?
    Good lighting. Ideally your full face and body are visible without sunglasses, hats, masks etc.
  • What should I include in the bio?
    Ice breaker topics! Social media links (if you have a youtube channel or a public instagram page, feel free to add it here). Mention whether you are open to relocating or plan to move in the near future. Answers to anything you shared in this form that you think is important for your partner to know. For example, if you strongly prefer a nuclear family or you have a pet dog.
  • What information do you share with a potential match?
    We will share your linkedin profile, photo, age, height and a short bio that you will fill on the form with potential matches. Once both people express interest in connecting, you will receive contact details (phone number and email ID).
  • Do I have to share my photo?
    We share your photo in the match introduction email because many people find this important. At this point, it is compulsory.
  • Why do I need to provide a reason to reject a match?
    This feedback will help us give you better matches in the future! Even if your reason is just physical attraction or uninteresting conversation, just let us know why. If it’s something really personal that you really can’t share, that’s okay; you can just mention “Personal”. Feedback shared with us is confidential.
  • Will my match know that I said no?
    We will let both people know that the match will not proceed further. If both people said no, they would not know what you said. But if they said yes and you said no, it might be obvious why it didn’t proceed.
  • I received a match and I’ve responded! What happens now?
    You will receive a “decision” on the match only after both people respond. So if you never hear back and it’s been more than a week, it’s probably because your match never got back to us. Please follow up with us so that we can remove inactive people from the pool. If both people do respond, you will get an email that tells you whether the match is moving forward. If you said “no”, then the match doesn’t move forward anyway. But if you said “yes”, then the match will move forward based on whether the other person also said “yes”.
  • My preferences have changed, should I let you know that I updated them?
    Nope, that’s not required. The signup form is editable and the system can automatically detect changes. We only use one photo so if you upload multiple, we will use the last one.
  • I prefer someone who doesn’t drink but I’m open to considering someone who does. How can I express this?
    Many criteria on the form are used as filters - Eg: If you say `No` to `Is it ok if your partner drinks?`, you will lose all the prospective matches who do drink. So if something is flexible, err on the side of saying it doesn't matter. We will still try to match you to someone who is most similar to you first.
  • Do you make updates to the form?
    The form is periodically updated to include more questions; if it's been a while since you filled it out, please take a few minutes to edit your response and fill the gap.
  • I’m busy for a few weeks. Can I take a break from matches?
    Yes, of course. Please let us know the exact date when you want to resume matching and we will keep that preference in our system.
  • Can I speak to multiple matches at the same time?
    Yes, expressing interest in one match doesn’t stop you from getting new ones. There will be a few days between the matches though.
  • I don’t have time to chat with multiple people. I feel overwhelmed. Can I limit matches?
    Yes, talking to one person at a time is a great option. We will add this to the form as a preference soon but meanwhile, an email would help us keep track of this preference.
  • I don’t care about religion matching. Should I leave my religion blank?
    You could! But you will miss matches if they have a preference. For example, if someone prefers a match with the same religion, and you don’t have a preference, you will only match with that person if you fill out your data (and same with community!). But yes, it’s totally optional.
  • My match was rude / ghosted me. How can I provide this feedback?
    If you have feedback on the specific match (someone is unresponsive, impolite etc), respond to the match introduction email with details. Don’t send a separate email / text message since it makes it difficult to keep track.
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